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After they make short work of stripping each other down in the living room, bearded hunk Dax moans and gasps as sexy ripped Caden sucks his cock taking it all the way in his mouth, and felt as if he was taking even about half way down his throat as if he had no gag reflex…hot AF

“Oh fuck, it feels so good,” he says, after the insane and very literal deep throat Caden shows him more incredible ecstasy fucking. Dax feels even better when Caden starts riding him!

Dax bends the bottom over and pounds his asshole, pounding and grinding hard. Their bodies are slick and sexy fit and toned glistening with sweat.

Next – Caden gets drilled in missionary and covered in both his and Dax’s sticky, warm, thick, white cum – Delish!

Hardcore gay fucking like no other. The hottest, creamiest man cum you ever saw explode all over. Don’t miss this sticky show.

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